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Global R&D Contracting, Privacy, and Collaboration

Welcome to my website! Do you need contracting or privacy expertise? Significant experience  in global collaborations? Need an experienced global contract negotiator and leader who has negotiated hundreds of contracts? If so, you have come to the right place! 25+ years of working in university research administration, local government, and law will be leveraged to foster YOUR  success.

I am an eDiscovery Attorney in Washington, D.C. who focuses on privacy and antitrust matters. I also serve as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the CUNY M.S. Research Administration and Compliance Program. My privacy and data protection background includes the European CPP / EU - DPO designation (accredited by the City of Glasgow College), and 2.3 years of privacy experience. This experience includes 2 large corporate data breaches, PII / SHI / corporate sensitive information, FCRA, Privacy Shield, copyright infringement, Apple / Google Play apps, and  COPPA. Privacy is complex, but my broad perspective will help you navigate this complex area.

I am active in the leadership of the ABA Science & Technology Law Section, the ABA House of Delegates, and the State Bar of Wisconsin. I am barred in Wisconsin and before the U.S. Supreme Court. A graduate of the University of Dayton School of Law, I hold graduate degrees in international affairs and urban administration.

You expect a collaboration. You will get that. Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial discussion.

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Implementation Planning
Finance Consultancy


Contract Drafting, Review, Negotiation, Management

Whether your contract needs are great or small, or your contracts are complicated or simple, I will get your contracts to "Yes." My expertise spans a wide range of contracts: U.S. Government (including FAR and DFAR clauses), industry, non - profit, and international agreements. I find reasons to say yes, not no. Contact me to find out how I can assist your organization.


Creating Clarity Out of Uncertainty

A comprehensive approach to protecting people's privacy and data is an approach whose time has come. Personal privacy and data protection is a fundamental human right. Combining my newer privacy experience with 20+ years' of university, local government, and private sector experience, I provide my clients with the technical skills necessary for success. To find out more, get in touch.


Cradle - to - Grave Guidance

Global collaborations will become more necessary in a post - pandemic world. Whether your needs are building collaborations, negotiating agreements with non - U.S. entities, or project management, I can work with you for your success. Let me know how I may assist you.

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What Colleagues and Clients Have to Say

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I had the honour of teaching Jim in 2019. The subject matter was GDPR (academically accredited by City of Glasgow College). Jim is engaging, honest and humble. He never failed to meet the deadlines for any deliverable within the syllabus and never missed a session. His interest in the subject matter went way beyond legal.


With what he has learnt, he understands what the concept of Data Protection by Design by Default really means in practice. The Certified Privacy Practitioner training for the Data Protection Officer certification has a lot of practical hands - on with implementation. This, coupled with his extensive background in legal and teaching, gives him a blend of knowledge and beliefs which is unique. It will be interesting to see where he goes with this.

Karen Lawrence Oqvist, CEO, Privasee AB, Stockholm, Sweden

"I was a NIH Scientific Review Officer for 27 years and Chief of the AIDS Research Review Branch in the NIAID Scientific Review Program, and retired in August, 2019. I was responsible for the full, impartial scientific, technical and administrative peer review of grant applications in all areas of basic through clinical research on HIV / AIDS and associated conditions. I also advised applicants and reviewers on NIH / NIAID policies for developing and reviewing applications. Successful applicants received multi-million dollar awards to develop, test and select HIV prevention strategies, therapeutics, and vaccines.

I have known Jim Casey for 15  years, all in connection with his service on expert NIH/NIAID review panels that evaluated the merits of large international HIV / AIDS grant applications. Jim’s deep knowledge of research administration and the effective management of complex international projects greatly strengthened the expertise of the review panels on which he served. And, his evaluations were critical in the identification of the most meritorious applications.

In addition, Jim worked with me, and other NIAID staff, on a grantsmanship workshop during the 2014 iCOMOS Conference in Minneapolis. The workshop was attended by academic, non-profit and business researchers and administrators - all of whom benefited greatly from Mr. Casey’s extensive training and experience in national and international research administration."

Peter R. Jackson, Ph.D., NIH / NIAID (Retired)

"Jim Casey knows what he's talking about- He got our university's Sponsored Research Office pointed in the right direction for compliance and global research infrastructure."

Rick Nader, Chief Research Officer, Long Island University 


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Civics, Voting, the STEM Disciplines, and the Future (Feb. 2020)

Mobile App Descriptions: Observations and Tips (Jan. 2020)

The GUIRR International Research Collaborations Project: Towards a Greater Understanding of International Collaboration (Dayton Law Review, Feb. 2011)



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“I worked with Jim Casey to establish a collaborative relationship between the research institute where I work and the public university where Jim worked at the time.  This led to an arrangement for establishing a joint-PhD program in physics at the university with adjoint faculty from the research institute. 


We developed several novel and mutually agreeable terms and conditions for establishing graduate advisors, conducting joint research, submitting peer-reviewed journal articles, handling arising intellectual property, employing paid student interns, and coordinating teaching assignments.”

Walter D. Downing, P.E., EVP / COO, Southwest Research Institute

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